The GO Wallet Project

The token that will be used to support Go-Wallet Project. This will serve as a mode of payment for companies aiming to be part of a unique community of buying and selling goods and services. On the other hand, the token will also serve as a reward to the users of the Go-Wallet and to the establishments that will partner with the company.


This is the future. A digital wallet that will be developed through a cellphone application that contains unique codes for every specific user for a much secure and convenient way of paying. This will contain the digital money of the user that can be used as a mode of payment to partner establishments. For every usage, a specific amount of token will be given as a reward. The more the owner uses this app, the more rewards will be accumulated. Go-Wallet token accumulated can now be traded in different exchange platforms which is tantamount to earning while paying for the goods and services acquired.


Steps in making the project into reality: 


  1. GWP will be offered to the public through ICO to accumulate enough capital that could support the project. Target Hard capitalization is 300 ETH.

  2. ICO will end upon meeting the target capitalization or upon listing of the token on a high volume exchange platform.

  3. Once capital is set, the team will now start the project and will seek international talents that could support in making the project with the best outcome possible.

  4. The app will be launched and introduced to establishments for partnership.

  5. Trial program will be launched for the users and the partners to see the outcome of the project.

  6. Further developments will be made upon initial trial.

  7. After success of the first launch, the app will now be sold to partner establishment through the Go-Wallet token. Establishments will buy specific amount of GWP to become a partner of the project. Once granted, they will get initial support from the company to meet their business specifics.

  8. After meeting the business specifics, users of the Go-Wallet can now use the app in paying to that certain establishment through scanning the unique code of the app. After success of the transaction, token will be earned by the establishment and the user as a reward.

  9. For tokens acquired through the reward program- users will be eligible in trading those tokens in different exchange platforms that supports GWP.

  10. Continuous development will be made to meet the expectations of the partner establishments and the users. The Future.


Go-Wallet Project "Pay, Earn, Repeat"

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